Are You and Your Family Legally Prepared for End-of-Life Matters?

May 25, 2017

No one wants to consider end-of-life matters, but it’s an unfortunate reality we all must discuss with our family at one point.

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New Bill Could Make It Easier for Texas Oil Producers to Drill: What It Means for Producers

May 9, 2017

Oil and gas laws are always evolving as the local and national governments seek to expand producers’ rights while mitigating carbon emissions, but energy producers could soon find their path to new drillings unencumbered if Texas State Senator Van Taylor’s proposed bill passes.

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How A New Administration Will Impact The Oil & Gas Industry

Apr 13, 2017

With a new administration comes a new set of policies, regulatory ambitions and economic opportunities. National energy independence is a focal point in the Trump Administration’s domestic policy.

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5 Pros and Cons of Franchising Your Business

Mar 15, 2017

Many successful entrepreneurs ask themselves whether or not to franchise their business. Martin & Drought has developed this list of five benefits and drawbacks to franchising that every business owner should consider before deciding.

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